Angela Hess, Ph.D.


Angela Hess
Professor of Biology

Ph.D. University of Iowa

Anatomy and Cell Biology

Focus: Molecular Medicine

Contact Information


Anatomy and Physiology lecture and laboratories, Introduction to Nutrition, Medical Terminology, Cancer Biology. Introduction to Nutrition was revised by Dr. Hess so that it can be offered on-line, and counting toward general education credit. During Winter Session 2016, the course was offered for the first time online.

Research Interests

My lab explores the molecular mechanisms that promote melanoma development and progression to a metastatic phenotype. I focus specifically on the receptor tyrosine kinase, EphA2, whose expression is increased in highly aggressive melanomas. Studies from my lab have demonstrated that EpA2 expression plays a role in melanoma tumor cell proliferation, invasion, migration, and the plastic phenotype as evident in the ability to engage in vasculogenic mimicry.

Students currently engaged in research projects in my lab: Emily Broadbent and Torrey Brubaker (undergraduates), and Rebecca Price and Heather Schlenker (graduate students).


5/16-5/17: R&S mini grant – Adoption of a mouse model to study malignant melanoma. PI 2016: Acquisition of a Zeiss Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope to advance research and enhance academic excellence at Bloomsburg University. Co- Principal Investigator 2016: CPUB student research grant to Rebecca Price


Faculty supervisor for 24 students conducting internships in Medical Imaging at various Geisinger Medical Center locations.

Service Activities

  • University Wide Promotion Committee – Chairperson
  • Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 202 – President
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Academic Biology Learning Environment (ABLE) - Co-Director
  • Summer Task force on Faculty Research committee – Chairperson
  • Bloomsburg-Allentown Partnership Program
  • Middle States Standards Sub-working group member
  • BU Faculty representative on PASSHE FPDC
  • Faculty advisor – Biological and Allied Health Science Club
  • Geisinger School of Radiologic Technology – member of advisory committee
  • Science Fair Judge – Bloomsburg Area Middle School and the Bloomsburg Children’s Museum