David Fazzino, J.D., Ph.D.


David Fazzino
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice

Ph.D., University of Florida

J.D., University of Florida - Frederick G. Levin College of Law

Slippery Rock University MS Sustainable Systems (Agroecology)

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Why anthropology?

Some early formative moments occurred over two childhood moves: first from Connecticut to Alabama and then from Alabama to Pennsylvania. During these times I was exposed to different conceptions of childhood or what it meant to be a child. The stark contrast in both academic standards and appropriate behaviors for children in these settings helped me to understand the notion of difference.

Particularly what stood out was spatial segregation along economic and racial lines during the mid-1980s in Alabama. I did not have an academic context to consider the notion of difference until I took my first anthropology class with Dr. Esther Skirboll at Slippery Rock University. I have been hooked since!

My personal interests for the past 25 years have included a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, trail running and rafting. I was fortunate enough to live less than a quarter mile from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area when I moved back to Pennsylvania. I have been interested in my place in the environment and anthropology has given me the intellectual tools to continue to pursue a rewarding career in studying human-environment interactions in food and energy.


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