Michael Shepard, Ph.D.


Michael Shepard
Chair and Professor of the Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences

Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Science, Washington University

B.S. in Physics, Vanderbilt University

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Planets, Climate Change, Quantitative Methods, Map Use and Analysis, Remote Sensing, and Geophysics

Shepard is broadly trained scientist and educator, with specific interests in the planetary sciences and space exploration. His areas of expertise are remote sensing and asteroids, and he has a special interest in the M/X (metallic) asteroids. He's the lead author for the 3D shape model of 16 Psyche being utilized by the NASA Psyche Mission team as they prepare for a launch in 2022 and rendezvous with that asteroid in 2026.

He has published dozens of peer-reviewed papers on asteroids and planetary photometry, as well as a technical monograph called "Introduction to Planetary Photometry" (Cambridge University Press).

He also communicates science to the public with a long running science column called "The Curious Professor" in the regional newspaper, The Press Enterprise. He has published articles in Sky and Telescope and the Night Sky and a popular-level introduction to asteroids called Asteroids: Relics of Ancient Time (Cambridge University Press).


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Science Writing (newspaper columns, articles, and books)
Friends of the Bloomsburg Public Library board
Central Columbia Agricultural Advisory Council