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Computer Science (B.S.)

It's widely known the software industry in the U.S. is in desperate need of qualified developers, so it's not surprising many computer science programs place an emphasis on software-related aspects of the field, as do we.

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Chair and Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Digital Forensics
Secretary for the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Digital Forensics
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But, our approach is different ... for good reason  

Instead of the typical two-semester sequence in programming and data structures, our students begin with a three-semester Java sequence, starting with an introduction to students with no prior programming experience and concluding with our advanced Java course. Also, heavy emphasis is placed on object-oriented programming, a widely used design philosophy for the production of large and complex software systems. Data structures and analysis of algorithms is covered in a separate a two-semester sequence.

Here, our program includes studies of computer systems and hardware that use Raspberry Pi single-board-computers. Students use their own Raspberry Pi instead of a textbook in three courses for the major. These platforms offer experience with the Linux operating system, exposure to the processors used in many smartphones and other embedded systems, and practice with multiprocessing and parallel programming.

Finally, our program is supported by a dedicated full-time system administrator who manages, configures, debugs, and oversees the operation of all computing resources owned by the department.

Courses and Curriculum

Our ABET-accredited curriculum covers core areas of computer science with an emphasis on the design, analysis, and production of complex and reliable software systems. Graduates are prepared to pursue an advanced degree or be professionally employed in the computing field, communicate and collaborate effectively in a team environment, adapt to new technologies, and assume leadership responsibilities. We also offer a minor in computer science, consisting of the first three core courses for majors and three computer science electives.

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The Husky Difference

We say a Bloom degree opens doors because our grads are prepared to walk in, get to work, and make a difference on day one.

Job Growth Projected
531,200 new jobs are expected to be added from 2019-29, fueled by demand from greater emphasis on cloud computing, the collection and storage of big data, and information security, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics
ABET accreditation adds value
Graduates from an ABET-accredited program are capable of leading the way in innovation, emerging technologies, and in anticipating the welfare and safety needs of the public.
Java Developer #1 job in U.S. for 2021
#1 job in U.S.
Java developer is the best job in America with Glassdoor - a worldwide leader on job insights - seeing demand with over 10,000 open roles and a median base salary of $90,830.
College of Distinction
College of Distinction
Bloomsburg has earned national recognition as a College of Distinction, honored for its quality and high-impact practices.
Barbara Romano has made of a career of computer networks

We’re not coding on cards and in COBOL anymore, but the underlying fundamentals are the same. It’s like a bridge. On one side it’s super technical. On the other, you see the technology from a perspective of the types of problems you can solve and how you can help drive businesses forward.

Barbara Romano '83
Director, Office of the CIO
Math major with a perfect score of 200 on the ETS Major Field Test for Mathematics

I learned a lot here. I’m ready for the next step. I also know I’m probably not going to be able to get as close to professors as I did here. I really enjoyed that.

Collin Shoop '15
Computer Science
Math major with a perfect score of 200 on the ETS Major Field Test for Mathematics
Barbara Romano has made of a career of computer networks
Computer science major spends summer with NASA

Computer science major spends summer with NASA

Sky’s the limit. Well, anything but for one Bloomsburg University computer science major who completed an internship with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration last summer. John Gibson set the ambitious goal of working with NASA after watching The Martian as a freshman.

Computer science major interns with renowned computer programmer

Computer science major interns with renowned computer programmer

Louis Jenkins’s internship with Lehigh University’s R.E.U. program not only provided him with a unique research experience leading to publication and a Google Go proposal, but a lasting relationship with a mentee of one of the country’s renowned computer programmers. According to Jenkins, he wasn’t initially looking for an academic research experience like this. He wanted an industry-related internship, but in hindsight he’s grateful for the summer spent at Lehigh working with Michael F. Spear, an assistant professor of computer science engineering.

Computer Science Contacts

Curt Jones

Curt Jones, Ph.D.

  • Professor of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Digital Forensics
Youmin Lu

Youmin Lu

  • Professor of Mathematical and Digital Sciences

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