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Mathematics (B.S.) and Applied Mathematics (B.S.)

Math is the universal language. It’s spoken in science, business, medicine, engineering, national security, and cybersecurity. It's all around us, serving as the integral thread to how and why so much in our world functions.

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Chair and Professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Digital Forensics
Secretary for the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Digital Forensics
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Galaxies, planets, and light move through space according to the metric tensors of differential geometry. Finance and investment models are built upon calculus. Drug resistance in cancers is described by differential equations, and cellular division follows the rules set by the mathematics of entropy. Distribution of energy in the modern world requires advanced integrals from calculus. Code breakers and cryptologists use a broad array of mathematics to make our electronic communications safer and more secure.

Adapt and grow to meet the world’s demands

The growing demands of science, business, medicine, and engineering require new mathematical ideas. Businesses, governments, and universities all around the world employ mathematicians to solve urgent problems. As our understanding of the universe, the world, and the human body grows, the need for creative new mathematical ideas also grows. Be an important member of the problem-solving communities in industry, government, science, and mathematics research. 

Courses and Curriculum

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BL Degree Requirements*

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The mathematics program provides you with the background and preparation needed to succeed in graduate school, while also developing your logical and problem-solving skills which are needed for upper-level jobs in business and industry. This program has courses in all of the major areas of mathematics to prepare you for graduate studies, including some nontraditional offerings like theory of computation and modern geometry.

The applied mathematics program provides you with the mathematical and analytical skills needed for success in upper-level jobs in business and industry, while also providing you the opportunity to choose your applied courses based on your interests. Some common choices are data science, finance, computer science, education, physics, engineering, digital forensics, cybersecurity, chemistry, economics, and business. This program offers the full breadth of applied classes for the modern world, including machine learning, cryptography, biostatistics, and actuarial science.

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The Husky Difference

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Job Growth Expected
Businesses will need mathematicians and statisticians to analyze the volumes of digital and electronic data generated in today's environment.
College of Distinction
College of Distinction
Bloomsburg has earned national recognition as a College of Distinction, honored for its quality and high-impact practices.
Median annual wage for a mathematician with a master's degree
Top employers of BU grads are: The Vanguard Group, Geisinger Health System, Comcast, and more.


Our MATHEMATICS program provides students with the knowledge and problem-solving skills necessary for success in graduate school. Our APPLIED MATHEMATICS program offers a 9-credit sequence in the student’s desired application area so that students can combine their mathematical skills with their area of interest. Most of our graduates choose one of the occupations listed below. To see the career choices of some of our most recent graduates, see the next section about our students’ successes and select the yellow button that says “Career Options.”

Potential Job Opportunities

  • Mathematician
  • Physicist
  • College Professor
  • Actuary
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Engineer
  • Statistician
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Engineer
  • Economist
  • Astronomer
  • Accountant
  • Math Teacher
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Cost Estimator
  • Database Administrator
  • National Security Agency
  • Department of Denfense
Actuary internship leads to job offer for math major

I can’t say enough good things about our math department. The classes are rigorous and have taught me all of the math-based skills I need to succeed. I’m very happy I’m a pure math and stats major (rather than) someplace else where I could be an actuarial science major.

Eric Zalewski '20
Actuary internship leads to job offer for math major

A lot of models use price of a policy as the main input. For a model to be 100% verified in its reporting methods, one would have to know every single price change that occurred in the last five to ten years, depending on how far back the model is being extended.

Eric Zalewski '20
Actuary internship leads to job offer for math major

Math and stat programs require a lot more in advanced mathematics and computer coding, while actuarial science programs substitute some of these classes with insurance and business classes, I was actually put on projects this summer due to my experience in SAS and SQL. I noticed that it’s much easier in both the work environment and on the actuarial exams to teach yourself the business and insurance definitions than it is to teach yourself the math theory.

Eric Zalewski '20
Actuary internship leads to job offer for math major
Actuary internship leads to job offer for math major
Actuary internship leads to job offer for math major
Andrew Clickard

Several Recent Math Graduates choose to pursue a Ph.D.

Andrew Clickard graduated in the spring of 2022 with a B.S. degree in mathematics. He was awarded a graduate assistantship from Temple University and is pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics. While at Bloomsburg, he published a paper titled “Synthetic Geometry in Hyperbolic Simplices” in the journal Involve. He gave presentations at several regional and national math conferences and won the "Outstanding Student Paper Presentation Award" at the 2021 Mathfest for the Mathematical Association of America. "My work at Bloomsburg prepared me well for graduate school."— Andrew Clickard '22

Aaron Butters

Actuaries in high demand, Open doors for math graduates

Aaron Butters graduated in 2021 and is currently working as an actuary at the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. While majoring in mathematics at Mansfield University, Aaron passed the P, FM, IFM, and SRM actuarial exams. “The coursework I completed at Mansfield gave me a solid foundation in calculus, statistics, and business to be able to pass the exams supplemented with online study guides for exam specific concepts. I would highly recommend other students pursue a similar path majoring in mathematics and using exam specific study guides.” – Aaron Butters

Collaborative research gets published in widely read math journal

Collaborative research gets published in widely read math journal

James Sharpe, a senior mathematics major at Bloomsburg University, and Chris Lynd, an associate professor of mathematics, recently had their research published in the latest edition of The American Mathematical Monthly. This is the most widely read math journal in the world.

Math major a finalist in national math competition

Math major a finalist in national math competition

Drawing from more than 400 colleges and universities, the Mathematics Association of America national Problem Solving Competition features some of the best math students in the country. And Luke Vuksta, a junior Bloomsburg University mathematics major, was among them. Vuksta advanced to the finals and earned a sixth place medal this past summer.

Math club members having fun at a local bowling alley

Math majors have lots of options with student clubs and campus activities

Students can take advantage of an active social life. You can join the Math Club, become a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon (the honor society in mathematics), help support the Math Contest, and become a member of a Learning Community where you join a cohort with students who have similar majors and interests.

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