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Help others find the right words for a lifetime.

With insight and expertise, our faculty guide students in expanding their ability to read the written word and thereby better read the world. English studies is a proven gateway into any number of professional paths. Our students gain critical analysis skills; cultural awareness through diverse literatures; an understanding of the power of language and how it functions; the use of language creatively for exposition, persuasion, and artistic effect; and, perhaps most important, the ability to adapt to what comes next. English graduates walk away with tremendous growth potential for an ever-changing world.

Mitchell S. Jackson speakers during the Big Dog Reading Series

Big Dog Reading Series

Listen to and meet nationally famous, award-winning writers, such as Mitchell S. Jackson, who come to campus for the Big Dog Reading Series.

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Mark Decker

Mark Decker

  • Chair of the Department of English, Professor, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies