A BU student meets with an employer partner during the Career Intensive Boot Camp as part of BU's commitment to Professional U.


Companies value a Bloom degree ... and the person who earned it.

Emily Livingston from WebFX speaks with a student at a career expo

“My experiences with them have been out of this world. They are curious, responsive, ask great questions, and want to connect with team members, and that is fantastic. Some of the most thoughtful follow-up messages I’ve ever received have come from B.U. students, and we take notice.”

Emily Livingston
Talent Acquisition and Culture Specialist, WebFX
Elizabeth Brinley from Enterprise Holdings speaks to a group of BU students at the Career Intensive Boot Camp

“B.U. students are very well prepared, and we see them continually be top performers. When we talk with them at campus events, they are ambitious. They have lofty goals, and that matches our ‘promote from within’ mentality.”

Elizabeth Brindley
Group Talent Acquisition Manager, Enterprise Holdings
VMWare interns present their work

“The idea that you need to have studied at a big-name school is evolving toward investing in partnerships that give us access to great students everywhere. There is a lot of power in getting to know people. About a third of our hires come from referrals.”

Caitlyn Johnson
Campus Strategy and Events Lead, VMware
Crystal Skodetis

“You see a lot of grassroots grit and determination and will power coming out of BU students. Many are first-gen like I was, and I wanted to prove to myself and my family that I wasn’t going to fail. It’s something Intangible that you can’t teach people – the 'dig your heels in’ and succeeded no matter what."

Crystal Skotedis '03
Principal, Boyer & Ritter
Rachel Jerant from Crayola speaks with a student at a Career Connections Expo

"Anytime we come to campus to share our brand and recruit, faculty and staff are always supportive and make sure the students coming to the expos are well prepared. The students ask questions, are dressed professionally, and present themselves well. [BU students] always stand out in my mind."

Rachel Jurant
Talent Acquisition Manager, Crayola
Elizabeth Brinley from Enterprise Holdings speaks to a group of BU students at the Career Intensive Boot Camp
VMWare interns present their work
Crystal Skodetis
Rachel Jerant from Crayola speaks with a student at a Career Connections Expo
Emily Livingston from WebFX speaks with a student at a career expo

Tap Our Potential

Register for an employer account on Handshake and view the jobs section for instructions on how to post a position, edit/renew a post, and more. Handshake’s Employer Help Center is a great resource for issues or concerns, and you can email us at recruit@commonwealthu.edu  

Tips for Success

  • Build your brand on campus!
  • Hold an on-campus recruiting event.
  • Communicate with your candidates throughout the recruiting process.
  • Contact applicants who did not make it to the interview stage so that that they know their status and can improve.
  • Stay in touch with your applicants and with us! We value your partnerships and thank you for your interest in our huskies.
  • Consider the skill sets students gain in academic areas not traditionally associated with the position.

Guidelines for job postings:

  • Third party employers, search firms or employment agencies must fully disclose the organization(s) they are representing.
  • Employers may not charge any "up front" fee as a contingency for employment, training, and/or work placement.
  • No solicitation of students, products or services, which includes the hiring of students to solicit for donations, products or services on-campus.
  • Employer representatives must have an employer affiliated email address.
  • Bloomsburg University reserves the right to prohibit any organization from posting using our online recruiting system.
  • Organizations must have a comprehensive website
  • Employers may not work from home and request to hire students to work in that location
  • Job Postings should be submitted to appear on Handshake for no longer than a one year time period.
  • Employers must be an equal opportunity employer, offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or citizenship unless legally required, and provide equal employment opportunity to disabled veterans, and veterans of the Vietnam era.
  • In compliance with job posting guidelines released by the Department of Justice, Bloomsburg University does not provide work authorization as part of the screening criteria for job postings, on-campus interviews, or Career Fair registrations. Bloomsburg assumes that the employer will advise all job applicants about their requirements regarding any specific job in compliance with various federal and state legislation.

Schedule interviews via the Handshake Employer Help Center’s Interviews section.
Interview students in one of our five Professional Experience Labs, located on the third floor of the Greenly Center. Each PEL is equipped with audio/visual capability for in person or virtual interviews. 
Interviewing dates are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and should be conducted from 8:3-AM - 4:30PM. We recommend scheduling at least four weeks in advance to ensure securing a date suitable to your itinerary that has a sufficient number of interview rooms available to meet your needs.

On-Campus Interview Models: 

  • Preselect to Alternate: Allows you to collect primary and alternate student applicants and interview registrants via Handshake and assign them after the application period.
  • Room Only: This model allows you to reserve a room, but build your own interview schedule outside of Handshake between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30PM. Each recruiter is responsible for creating their interview schedule and communicating with their applicants directly. Please email your interview schedule to dkysor@bloomu.edu before the interview date.
Requesting a Recruiting Event

Holding a recruiting event builds your brand at BU and allows students to learn more about your opportunities and company culture. Types of events include Information Table, Information Session, Virtual Workshop, Husky Road Trip and other relevant options.

  • Make your request to hold a recruiting event in Handshake! View the Handshake Employer Help Center’s Events & Career Fairs section for instructions.
  • Depending on the type of event requested, we will make arrangements to secure a location based on the information submitted on your request and provide you with details as soon as your event is confirmed.
  • Telepresence capabilities are available at the Greenly Center if you would like to connect with our students remotely. You are welcome to conduct virtual information sessions or conduct interviews through use of our video conferencing software.
  • If your event has been approved in Handshake, you will receive an email prior to your event with details on where to obtain your campus parking pass. Prior to your visit, Please review our campus map prior to your visit.

Career Connections Expos are industry specific and held throughout the spring and fall. Employers are invited to discuss job shadowing, internship or employment opportunities with freshmen through graduate students and alumni.  All expos are open and promoted to students from all majors and class years. All organizations are invited to register for one or more expo. 

  • Formal interviews can be conducted the day of the event, or another day that is convenient for the organization.
  • Attendance fee is $100 and includes an 8' x 2' table for two representatives, event publicity, and a boxed lunch for each participant. Each organization is limited to 1 table. Additional Attendees are $15.

To Register, log in to in to Handshake and navigate to the ‘Fairs’ tab on the left, and search ‘"Bloomsburg University." Our office will review your registration request within 3 business days.

Why Companies Hire Huskies

We asked on campus recruiters why they want Huskies to work for their company

Why top companies recruit BU students
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Why Top Companies Recruit BU Students
Employer partners
We asked on campus recruiters why they want Huskies to work for their company

Hire a Husky!

Let us know how we can help with on campus recruiting, Handshake, career fairs or other ways to get to know our students.