Temple Graduates Guaranteed Admission to Audiology Doctorate


Commonwealth University -Bloomsburg and Temple University have acknowledged their commitment to train future audiologists by establishing an articulation agreement. 

The agreement guarantees admission into the Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) program at Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg for up to three high-achieving students per academic year who meet the established criteria while enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Speech, Language and Hearing Science at Temple University. 

“The articulation agreement between Temple University and Commonwealth University-Bloomsburg speaks to our long tradition of graduating audiologists who are prepared to meet the challenges of a dynamic profession,” said Thomas Zalewski, Ph.D., professor of audiology, Au.D. program director, and interim department chair. “Temple University recognizes the affordability and quality of the Bloomsburg program and the agreement will provide an avenue for outstanding students to further their education and allow us to maintain our tradition of excellence.”

Bloomsburg’s program, one of three Au.D. programs in Pennsylvania, consists of 120 credits over 11 semesters. Admission to the program is competitive, as each cohort is limited to 15 students. The first two years of the program emphasize instruction and laboratory class work combining theory, practicality, and emerging technology, while the final two years focus on combining theory with clinical learning experiences. During the first two years, students develop foundational skills in the on-campus clinic. The third year expands abilities via part-time off-campus experiences, while the fourth year is a full-time off-campus experience to allow students to evolve into highly qualified independent professionals.

For more information about the Doctor of Audiology program, contact Zalewski at tzalewsk@commonwealthu.edu