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Living in the town of Bloomsburg can be very rewarding and enjoyable.

However, getting utilities hooked up, paying bills, and navigating landlord, housemate, and neighbor relationships can be a great source of stress.  Having more freedom to make decisions can contribute to negative feelings too.  The Office of the Dean of students aims to support all Bloomsburg University students as they navigate challenges, including those who choose to move off campus.  Many answers can be found on this webpage or students can reach out to the office for assistance.


The off-campus housing website is provided as a convenience to Bloomsburg University students and does not constitute legal advice. The information presented is intended for educational purposes only. Bloomsburg University does not inspect nor endorse any off-campus rental properties whose name/picture may appear on this website. The Town of Bloomsburg’s Code Enforcement Office inspects student rental properties each year.

We recommend you contact landlord/s to ascertain a copy of the latest inspection report and request of them any information regarding the safety of the property.  This information is also available in the Town’s Code Enforcement Office, 301 E. Second St., 570-784-7123 ext. 115.  Bloomsburg University supports local, state, and federal fair housing laws and regulations, and reminds students to be mindful of the Student Code of Conduct when living off campus as well.  The Office of the Dean of Students also reminds students considering the move off campus to read any lease very carefully prior to signing it.  The CGA also sponsors a campus lawyer who is available to students should they need legal consultation (not representation); the schedule for when they will be on campus can be found on the CGA activities calendar.

All students are expected to register their complete local address in Banner, even if living at a legal/permanent residence while attending the semester. This allows the university to best respond to and support students through emergencies, as well as provide accurate financial aid review.  Students should complete this process each semester.

Living Off-Campus

  • How much you can spend for rent and utilities
  • Generally moving off campus does not impact the amount of financial aid a student receives but please consult with Financial Aid to discuss your personal circumstances.
  • How far you want to live from campus?
  • When do you need to move in?
  • What supplies will you need (bedding, furniture, cookware, etc)?
  • Do you want to live alone or with others?
  • Do you have pets or are you allergic to any pets?
  • Do you require accommodations/accessibility?
  • How close are the grocery stores, laundromats, pharmacy, etc.?
  • Does the neighborhood match your energy?
  • What's the parking situation?
  • What type of heating/air conditioning does the dwelling have?
  • Do you need added features (i.e. washer/dryer, dishwasher, cable, internet, yard)?

Once you’ve found the right place...

There are a few more important questions to consider before signing the lease. Talk to the landlord and take time to ask:

  • What are the lease terms (length, policies on deposits/refunds, joint or several, etc.)?
  • What is covered by the security deposit?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Who pays the utility bills?
  • Who pays for garbage/recycling?
  • Any housekeeping expectations?
  • Does the landlord provide notice before entering the apartment at any time?
  • Are there rules governing the conduct of tenants/guests?
  • Is parking provided; is there a fee?
  • Who pays for and handles any necessary repairs or damages?
  • Are there restrictions on decorating?
  • Who’s responsible for lawn care and snow removal?
  • When are rent payments expected?
  • When can I expect my security deposit to be returned to me and will the landlord provide an itemized list of charges upon move out?
  • Bloomsburg University does have a two year live on requirement for traditional students – make sure you’re not locked in to a campus housing contract before signing an off campus lease.  You can speak with Housing and Residence Life to resolve any confusion with this.
  • Read the entire housing lease thoroughly (try to have someone who’s signed a lease before also look through it) before signing/committing to it. If you have questions, make sure you consult with your landlord before signing. You should know and understand everything you’re agreeing to in signing this lease!
  • Make sure you are living with people with whom you’re comfortable and can trust.  Before moving in together, sit down and talk about house rules, expectations, things you are and are not on board with (i.e. guests, noise, etc.).  You might learn things you didn’t know about them before and it’s important you’re on the same page and willing to communicate with each other.  Plan out how you’re going to handle joint bills, groceries, chores, etc. to prevent future disagreements and conflict.
  • Upon moving in, take pictures and document anything that appears broken or damaged and share this with your landlord so you’re not blamed for it when it’s time for you to move out.
  • Make sure your apartment is equipped with proper fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Local Code Enforcement can always inspect this for you (if you ask them).
  • Take pride in your apartment. Stay on top of regular maintenance and clean up duties.
  • Have clear and regular communication with your landlord. They should have provided their contact information and 24/7 emergency maintenance information in your lease and part of the service you’re paying for is for them to be available and attentive to concerns/questions.
  • Moving off campus can be fun, but don’t get swept up in the excitement and find yourself stuck in an undesirable situation.  It’s very difficult to get out of a lease and students don’t usually find success in subletting.  Think through potential scenarios before making a legal commitment to lease a space.

Campus Safety Page

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Use main/well-lit pathways and sidewalks.
  • Try to travel in pairs.
  • Stick to familiar environments.
  • Lock your vehicle and houses.
  • Abide by university and local, state, and federal policies and laws.

It's important for all students including non-degree and graduate students (except those who will be living on campus) to register their complete local address in Banner. Even if you are living at your legal/permanent residence while attending the upcoming semester, you need to enter that as your local address. Please include house number, street name and apartment number where you will be living while taking classes. It's very important our records are accurate because of emergency issues and financial aid review. You are required to update your local address each semester.

There is limited parking downtown, so students are advised to consult with their landlords about parking options and refer to for additional details. To apply for university parking, which does have restrictions, students can visit and apply online at The Permit Store.

 The Columbia County Housing Authority is an agency that serves Columbia county residents to provide low and moderate income families affordable housing through a rent assistance program. Anyone meeting the income guidelines may apply. Rent Assistance is based upon household income. For more information contact Columbia County Housing and Redevelopment Authority at

Finding an Apartment

We recommend utilizing Landlord Websites, reputable housing listing platforms, and the Press Enterprise, the local newspaper, to locate listings of available apartments in the area surrounding Bloomsburg.

Contact Information

Organization Phone Number
Police/Ambulance/Fire 911
Bloomsburg Police Non-Emergency 570-784-4155
Bloomsburg Code Enforcement 570-784-7123 x115
Tap Line 1-800-222-9016
Organization Phone Number
AT&T 1-800-222-0300
PG Energy 1-800-432-8017
PPL Electric 1-800-342-5775
Service Electric Cable 1-800-522-2389
United Water 1-888-299-8972
Verizon 1-800-220-0300
Organization Phone Number
Bus Agency 570-389-7997
Greyhound 1-800-800-2814
Fullington Trailways 888-847-2430
Taxi Service 570-784-1550

Information for Local Landlords

We recommend that local landlords and rental agencies utilize the following resources to advertise to students:

Students looking for local rental information are referred to those resources.