Telecommunications majors work behind the scenes in the the digital studio of McCormick Center

Media and Journalism (B.A.)

Our lives are saturated with media: computers, the Internet, cell phones, apps, social media, and more. However, just because media is now immediate and easily accessible doesn’t mean it’s handled effectively.

Degrees & Offerings
  • B.A.
Program Contact
Chair of the Department of Media and Journalism, Associate Professor
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Learn media literacy and practical skills to connect with digital audiences and create — not just entertaining — valuable content. Learn how adapt to an ever-changing and evolving media environment, one that’s now driven by breaking news and social media influencers. Develop the communication, marketing, and journalistic skills necessary to effectively use media to reach desired audiences, whether in your personal life or your future profession.

The Husky Difference

Among recent internships for majors have been with Disney, ESPN, MTV, Glass Entertainment, and NBC.

Bloomsburg Because

Program Contacts

Jason Genovese

Jason Genovese

  • Chair of the Department of Media and Journalism, Associate Professor

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