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College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

In an environment in which the average person may expect to change careers five to seven times, a liberal arts education is future proof. The liberal arts will prepare you for a lifetime of change by teaching you how to learn, how to reason, and how to apply your knowledge to real-world challenges.

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Liberal arts promotes the intellectual and practical skills employers value most, including effective written and oral communication, problem-solving, and the ability to work effectively with others. Graduates find success in a variety of careers and graduate school, taking with them a greater understanding of personal and social responsibility, the importance of the arts, and the diversity of human cultures.

What can you do with a liberal arts degree?  

Anything. You. Want.

The best education is one that prepares today's students for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. A liberal arts education is the best preparation for a complex, dynamic and fulfilling future.

  • Anthropology
  • Art History
  • Communication Studies
    - Interpersonal Communication
    - Leadership and Public Advocacy
    - Organizational Communication  
  • Criminal Justice
    - Conservation Law Enforcement 
  • English
    - Creative Writing
    - Literature and Society
    - Professional Writing 
  • History
    - Cultural Heritage Management 
  • Languages and Cultures
    - Arabic Studies
    - Chinese
    - French
    - Russian and Eastern European Studies
    - Spanish
    - Spanish (Heritage Language Learners) 
  • Media and Journalism
    - Emergent Media
    - Journalism
    - Media Production
    - Public Relations/Strategic Communication 
  • Music
    - Music Business
    - Music Education K-12
    - Music Performance
    - Music Technology
    - Pre-Music Therapy
  • Political Science
    - International Security
    - Pre-Law
  • Psychology
  • Sociology 
  • Theatre Arts
    - Design/Technology
    - Integrated Theater
    - Performance  
  • Visual Arts (BA)
    - 2 Dimensional Art
    - 3 Dimensional Art
    - Drawing
    - Fabric Design
    - Graphic Design
    - Painting
    - Photography
    - Printmaking
    - Sculpture

Bloomsburg University's Rehabilitative Justice Certificate Program provides education and training and a foundation for achievement to complete two-year and four-year degrees in preparation for employment in high-demand fields with average (~11%) to above-average (~18%) job market growth in rural, suburban, and urban communities through 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

This program includes courses commonly transferable to Associate of Arts and/or Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science programs. Seven of the courses have been approved for inclusion in MyCore — BU’s point-based general education program. The 24-credit certificate program will be delivered over the course of four academic terms. Students will enroll in two three-credit courses per term.

Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee (LACC)

BU's Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee serves as the faculty recommending body to the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities on all matters affecting the development, modification, change, adoption, and implementation of the curriculum.

LACC is responsible for acting upon curricular proposals at the department-wide level and serves as a coordinating committee of the curricular proposals emanating from all components of the liberal arts academic community. In acting upon curriculum proposals from the College of Liberal Arts, LACC reviews and make recommendations on:

  • The additions or deletions of courses
  • Change in title, number, prerequisites, or other protocol for a course
  • The addition or deletions of degree programs
  • Changes in requirements for degrees, majors, minors, and career concentrations
  • The designation of a sequence or group of courses such as general education, honors programs, or programs within or among departments

Tutorial - Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee

Filling Out Proposals for Modification, Discontinuation or Addition of a Course/Program

Dennis Frohlich (Mass Communications)

Mary Jo Larcom (Psychology)

Eric Miller (Communication Studies)

Mykola Polyuha (Language and Cultures)

Luke Semrau (Philosophy)

Matthew Slotkin (Music, Theatre and Dance)

Seokwon Yoon (Social Work)

A Chat with Theatre Alumnus, Jimmi Simpson

Careers in Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

CASSH Con offers liberal arts students, as well as undeclared students looking to learn what COLA has to offer, two days of panels and workshops on alumni engagement and professional development. Almost every program in the College of Liberal Arts hosts alumni panels so students learn about the rich career opportunities awaiting them. Additionally, there are a variety of sessions designed to help students think about their professional identity and learn ways to build their resumes through experiential learning.

Center for Community Research and Consulting (CCRC) features a dedicated team of faculty and students who collaborate to improve the community through internship opportunities, research and professional development.

Center for Community Research and Consulting

Through our Center for Community Research and Consulting students get the opportunity to assist on various research projects that focus on the community, allowing them to have a hands-on approach to improving the community while utilizing skills that have been learned in the classroom. Students also take part in various research projects geared toward improving the surrounding communities and are involved in various forms of data collection and produce useful materials for communities and organizations.

Art major puts the finishing touches on her model for the Personal Adornment Day and Makeup Extravaganza

Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

Each year, CVPA offers programs from the various Liberal Arts departments to celebrate the arts and support the connection between the university and our broader community. Featured events have included the Big Band Dance, the Personal Adornment Day and Makeup Extravaganza and the Taste of the Arts, which brings together BU's representative arts programs in an extended collaborative event.

Legal studies professor leads a lecture on negligence and strict liability

Diehl Center for Law School Preparation

Our Diehl Center provides assistance to students about careers in law, the law school experience and how to prepare for it, as well as the application process. It also offers interactive programs, a speaker series, law school recruiting events, and trips to law schools.

Anchor Program provides youth, ages 15 to 18, involved in the Pennsylvania foster care system the opportunity to explore their academic interests and talents through a multi-year summer program.

Anchor Program

Our Anchor Program provides youth, ages 15 to 18, involved in the Pennsylvania foster care system the opportunity to explore their academic interests and talents through a multi-year summer residential college life experience program and year-round mentorship opportunities to ensure that they are confident and prepared to make life choices like furthering their education and living independently.

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