Student Development and Campus Life

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It turns out that a campus nestled into the side of a hill, between the Susquehanna River and the bright blue sky, is a pretty great place to start your climb.

The mission of Student Development and Campus Life at Bloomsburg University is to facilitate a university experience integral to student success. As educators, our professionals intentionally develop an environment contributing to a student’s learning and leadership, as well as personal and professional development.

Enhancing Academic Excellence

Student Development and Campus Life engages in intentional partnerships throughout our campus community to deepen academic activities and foster a successful educational environment.

Achieving Excellence while Ensuring Fiscal Sustainability

Student Development and Campus Life is committed to the efficient use of resources, while seeking entrepreneurial opportunities to provide high quality programs and services for our students and community.

Designing an Enrollment Vision (Demand, Program Mix, and Capacity)

Student Development and Campus Life actively shapes enrollment through creation of a student-centered environment conducive to recruitment and retention.

Fostering and Developing a Strong Sense of Community

Student Development and Campus Life cultivates an environment that encourages students to view themselves as a part of a larger world. Our community values engagement, leadership, diversity, inclusivity, civility, wellness, self-reliance and compassion.

Offices within the Department of Student Development and Campus Life

It’s not just simply college life. Here it’s Husky Life! Downtown to the top of the hill. Lower campus to upper campus. From your first year to your last, your climb to the top - filled with memorable experiences and lasting friendships - begins here. 

With clubs and organizations ranging from community service to the arts to business to entertainment, you’ll have endless opportunities to develop your leadership skills, flex your creativity, and grow both professionally and personally. 

Offices in Student Involvement

No matter where you come from — big city or small town — you’ll find people at BU who live and see life the way you do. People ready to dig in, create opportunities, and achieve more. That’s what we call the Husky Spirit. 

The Office of the Dean of Students staff support our University community by protecting and promoting the educational mission and guaranteeing orderly and effective operation. To accomplish these goals, the University must require certain standards of conduct, both on and off campus, which are then expressed through the Student Code of Conduct and Judicial Process. In addition, Bloomsburg University students aspire to, follow and promote integrity, community, social justice, respect, and responsibility.

Office of the Dean of Students

Whether you're climbing Mt. Washington on a Quest Outdoors Adventure, or competing in an intramural basketball tournament - your experiences on campus with 9,000 fellow Huskies will be a key part of your journey to success. 

Visit the Student Recreation Center page to learn more about:

Gain hands-on leadership experience by overseeing the operation of on-campus housing, retail, and activities.

Community Government Association

CGA oversees various areas including:

Living on campus is more than just the setting of your college career - it marks the beginning of the next phase of your journey. And at Bloomsburg, you’ll live in comfort and flourish as a member of the Husky Family.

Office of Residence Life

Campus dining at Bloomsburg offers 14 unique dining locations throughout campus. From our all-you-care-to-eat dining hall to food trucks and national chains you’ll always find something delicious on the menu. 

Dining Services

The University Card Center, located on the first floor of Elwell Hall next to Residence Life, issues identification cards to all University students, staff and faculty. Your ID card is intended to be used as the primary source of identification on University property and to provide a more secure University community.

University Card Center

Living in the Town of Bloomsburg can be very rewarding and enjoyable. However, occurrences like getting utilities hooked up, paying bills and dealing with landlords and neighbors can be a great source of stress. Having greater freedom to make decisions can also create stress and anxiety. The Office of the Dean of Students assists in alleviating such stressors by answering all questions and concerns regarding off-campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing

The Office of Auxiliary Services and Financial Management is responsible for Residence Life fiscal and physical operations, technology management, building maintenance, renovation and construction, dining service contract and service management, on-campus service support contract management, University-wide ID production, access control, cashless commerce, and their related functions and services.