Student Employment

Graduate Hall Directors

We are seeking Graduate Hall Directors who match our values and philosophy and are dedicated to help in the betterment of our cause. Our GHDs are dynamic individuals who use their wealth of experiences to help our department continually evolve, provide well-rounded approaches to resolve student issues, and work to create welcoming atmospheres in all of our communities. Ideal candidates are able to display a high sense of professionalism, a dedication to learning, are humble, flexible, and coachable.

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Resident Assistants

The overall goal of a Resident Assistant is to serve as a peer educator and helper while facilitating the personal and academic growth and development of residential students. RAs are chosen on the basis of leadership experiences, interpersonal skills, interest in working with students to develop a positive floor/hall/apartment community, and willingness to be actively involved in their own personal growth and development. RAs are expected to live out the Core Values of the Office of Housing and Residence Life: Service, Caring, Respect, Dedication, Integrity, Inclusion and Education.

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  • Office of Housing and Residence Life (not accepting work-study applications at this time)
  • University Card Center

For more information on work-study and financial aid at Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg visit Scholarships and Types of Aid or contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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Graduate Hall Directors
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