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Housing Selection

Housing Selection for Returning Students

The Office of Housing and Residence Life will hold housing selection processes for Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 during the Spring 2024 semester. Current on-campus residents who wish to live on-campus again for the upcoming academic year must complete this process in its entirety to secure housing for next year.

Your housing selection options are based on where you and/or your future roommate(s) currently live and the number of credits you have earned as of the date you are able to select housing; so think about where you want to live and who you want to live with because you will need a fully matched roommate group in MyHousing to select your room, suite, or apartment.

Fall 2024 New Student Information

New Fall 2024 admits will receive housing information likely beginning in March. This will be sent to your university email account. When you receive the "Welcome to On-Campus Living at Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg", you will be able to log into MyHousing Self-Service and complete the online housing agreement, personal information, roommate request, and dining plan selection. New students are not eligible to select their housing assignment as we will place you in an available space. You will find your housing and roommate assignment posted in MyHousing Self-Service in June.

Reminders and General Information

  • 2-year residency requirement reminder, all full-time undergraduate students must live on-campus for their first two years as part of the residency requirement. Students are not permitted to live off-campus during their first two years unless they are 21 years of age or older by the first day of classes for Fall 2024. Students under obligation of the 2-year residency requirement who do not complete this process and select housing or do not have an approved exemption (must submit exemption request form) will automatically be matched with roommates and assigned housing by the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Coed living is offered in all upper campus apartments, Soltz Hall suites, Lycoming Hall ground floor, and Northumberland Hall 2nd floor. If you wish to live with someone of opposite gender, request each other in MyHousing Self-Service and select one of these locations during the selection dates.
    • Please note, there is only a gender inclusive bathroom on the Lycoming ground floor. Residents can take the stairs to the 1st floor for a female or male only bathroom. In Northumberland Hall, there is a gender inclusive bathroom on the 2nd floor West wing and also a female only bathroom on 2 East and 2 West and a male only bathroom on 2 West. Gender inclusive means the bathroom is available for any gender to use at any time.
  • JKA Residents, the dishwashers in JKA are nearing lifecycle and will not be replaced. All dishwashers will eventually be removed and the space filled with a cabinet. Your apartment may or may not have a dishwasher until they are all removed but the housing rate remains the same.
  • Parking for residence hall students is in the Blue Lot - the shuttle stop is at the JKA community center.

Housing Agreements

  • Full Academic Year Agreement is for the full fall - spring academic year. We will not release students to move off-campus after the start of the academic year. Review the housing release request for information on what to do if you no longer need on-campus housing and whether or not you will be released and if so, at what cost.
  • Winter, Summer, Interim and 12-month Housing are not included in your fall - spring housing agreement. Students who anticipate needing on-campus housing during these time periods must choose to live in MPA, MOA, JKA, Soltz or Elwell Hall.
    • Students will need to submit an Interim Housing Request form closer to the start of these sessions.
    • Students who need year-round housing must move to Soltz or Elwell Hall from May - August, whichever building is used for summer housing.
    • Students will incur additional charges for winter, summer, interim and 12-month housing.
    • Students who do not reside in MPA, MOA, JKA, Soltz or Elwell Hall will not be permitted to stay in their assignments during semester breaks, winter and/or summer sessions or at the close of the academic year.

Special Accommodations

  • Students with special housing needs should submit the Special Housing Accommodations Request from. If you have concerns about selecting the room type to meet your needs, email buhouse@bloomu.edu before the selection dates in March to discuss this process.
  • Students with hearing impairment must select housing equipped with a visual fire alarm. This is noted beside the room listings in MyHousing Self-Service so be sure to select the room and bedroom that you need.

Questions & Answers

The housing selection process is for current residents only. This process allows for students currently residing on-campus to select their housing assignment for the next academic year.

Note: Incoming students do not participate in the housing selection process. They complete a similar process at a different time, but do not select their housing assignment.

The housing selection process is open to students living on-campus during the current academic year.

If you lived on-campus during the fall semester but do not live on campus during the spring semester, contact buhouse@bloomu.edu to confirm that you are included in the process.

All current on-campus students can choose to live on-campus again, however there are procedures and date sensitive requirements that must be met in order to secure housing. If students fail to follow our timeline and complete housing requirements, they will not be eligible to select on-campus housing the following year. Please see the housing selection schedule for specific dates and times.

Students under obligation of the 2-year residency requirement who do not complete this process and select housing or do not have an approved exemption will automatically be matched with roommates and assigned housing by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Complete the process and select your preferred roommate and housing location.

All full-time undergraduate students are required by Commonwealth University to live in University housing for their first four semesters (not including summer and winter sessions) with the following general exceptions. The residency requirement also applies to readmitted students and transfer students who have not completed two years of on-campus residency at another university post-high school.

  1. Students who reside with their parent or legal guardian within 30 miles of campus
  2. Married students
  3. Students who are 21 years of age or older by before the first day of classes for the fall semester
  4. Students who are the parent or legal guardian of dependent child
  5. Transfer students who have attended another university and lived on-campus for 4 semesters and have earned 60 or more credits
  6. Students who have received a general discharge under honorable conditions from U.S. Military service
  7. Students whose recommended accommodation from University Disability Services supports living off campus
  8. Students who are officially withdrawing or transferring from the university
  9. Students who are transferring to Commonwealth University's Lock Haven or Mansfield campus

As part of the 2-year residency requirement, you will complete a new housing agreement for the following year and will have the opportunity to select your specific housing location during the housing selection process.

Why a 2-year requirement? With the success of our students at the forefront of this decision, the plan is rooted in data relating to student success, access to support services, and offers a transition and more healthy pathway toward life after college.

Students who meet one or more of the exception reasons and wish to not live on-campus for the second year of their residency requirement, must submit a Housing Exemption Request form to request an exemption. You will not be exempt unless you receive an approval notice from the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Follow all information and instructions sent out through university email and posted on our housing selection pages.

We cannot guarantee that students will get the exact housing they want. Our housing process is organized so that students first have an opportunity to select their current apartment/suite/room (as long as they have completed the necessary steps to that point). The process is then broken down so that students living elsewhere on-campus, depending on their current housing location and number of credits they have earned to date, get the next opportunity to choose housing. This means that some students may not get their first choice. We encourage students to have a second or even a third housing choice.

No, a deposit is not required.

However, you must complete your housing agreement in MyHousing Self-Service by the date indicated during the current housing selection process to confirm your commitment to live on-campus. Once you complete the housing selection process you are committed to on-campus housing for the full academic year (fall and spring semesters). As long as you complete all parts of the housing selection process, you will be able to select campus housing during the selection dates in March.

For housing rate and fee information visit the Housing Rates & Fees page of our website.

No. All expenses (i.e. garbage, cable, internet, electric) are paid through housing and utility fees.

The on-campus housing agreement covers the full academic year (fall and spring semesters) or remaining portion thereof.

See Searching for a Roommate on the MyHousing Self-Service page.

You must have the exact number of roommates requested in MyHousing Self-Service to fill the number of beds in the apartment/suite/room that you want. Your roommate group must be fully matched, which means that each roommate must request everyone in the group. If you want to remove someone from your roommate group, everyone in the group must do the same.

MyHousing Self-Service will only show you available apartments/suites/rooms that match the number of roommates in your roommate group.

Yes, students are permitted to select their roommate(s) for next year, however, their roommates must be eligible to live on campus and must also complete all of the housing selection requirements to secure housing. If the roommate you want to request does not meet deadlines, you will not be able to choose them. Roommate requests must be entered by each roommate in MyHousing Self-Service before you try to select your housing.

  • New incoming students do not normally complete the housing selection process. Current on-campus residents planning to live on campus again can request new incoming students as roommates, if the incoming student is admitted and has already paid their admissions deposit prior to the housing selection process in March.
    • If you would like to request a new incoming student as a roommate during the housing selection process, email buhouse@bloomu.edu so that we can determine whether or not they are eligible to be your roommate and if so, give them access to participate in the housing selection process.
  • If the new incoming student does not meet the requirements prior to the housing selection process in March, you will not be able to request them. You will need to request another roommate who is eligible for on-campus housing. Once your new incoming student is admitted, they can email us to request to be placed close to your room and we will try to do so.

If for some reason, after you have selected your apartment/suite/room, your roommate(s) notifies us that they are no longer attending Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg, we will fill the vacancy. We encourage students to check their housing assignment in MyHousing Self-Service throughout the remainder of the semester and again when we open assignments in the summer for any changes. Students will not be notified directly about roommate changes. Assignments are blocked in MyHousing Self-Service after the Spring semester ends through the first week of June while we work on placing our incoming new students.

Students must answer the Personal Information questions in MyHousing Self-Service even if you request a roommate(s). In the event that your roommate(s) does not return, we will fill that space with another student. We will try to match your answers to your new roommate so it is in your best interest to have them completed.

If you plan on living with a RA again (in a suite or apartment only), you must complete the housing agreement, personal information questions and roommate request in MyHousing Self-Service during the housing selection process. You will not need to participate in the room selection process in March as we will place you wherever your RA roommate is assigned.

If you do not want to live with a RA again next year, you should complete the entire housing selection process and select housing in a different room, suite or apartment during the scheduled dates.

All students should have a back-up plan. During the selection process, MyHousing Self-Service will show you what rooms, suites and apartments are available. You will only see options matching the same number of beds as roommates in your roommate group. If there is nothing available in the location you want, you can rearrange your roommate group by adding or removing roommates to fill a different size room, suite or apartment. Each person in your roommate group must do the same so you have a newly matched group. It would be a good idea to have everyone in your group together when you are selecting in case you need to change plans.

If you no longer need on-campus housing, review the housing release request. We will not release students to move off-campus after the start of the academic year. With that in mind, we encourage you to be sure you need on-campus housing before signing up.

MyHousing Self-Service will not allow you to make changes once you have selected housing. In order to make this type of change, each roommate will need to email buhouse@bloomu.edu as soon as possible to request a change to be made. We will remove you from the assignment you chose which will allow you to go back in and select a different location. Keep in mind that the housing you really wanted could be gone by the time these changes occur so pay close attention to what you are doing in MyHousing Self-Service when you select your room, suite or apartment.

Remember, your housing agreement is for the full academic year, or any remaining portion. Review the housing release request for information on what to do if you no longer need campus housing.

We will not release students to move off-campus after the start of the academic year. With that in mind, we encourage you to be sure you need on-campus housing before signing up.

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Still have questions on the housing selection process? We're here to help.