Move-In Day

Moving-In & Out

As a member of our community, one of the most important things you can do is know what's expected of you. Bloomsburg University, like other colleges, maintains policies and procedures for the benefit of everyone's safety and overall positive experience. You have a responsibility to yourself and others to enrich the campus life experience. Take time to contribute positively to the safety, growth and overall well being of your community. Your active participation allows Bloomsburg University to become stronger and more diverse.

But before you arrive, familiarize yourself with the Guide to Campus Living. This document contains information about the policies, procedures, staffing, facilities, campus safety and other information related to living on campus. As always, if you still have questions, just ask.

Move-In Schedule & Procedures

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Plan Ahead!

 2022 - 2023 academic year opening and closing dates.

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For information regarding summer housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at

Move-In COVID Testing

Please review the following important COVID information before planning your trip to campus.


If you have questions about COVID testing or vaccination please call the Student Health Center at 570-389-4451. If you have questions about move-in, please call Residence Life at 570-389-4089.

  • All on-campus residential students, regardless of vaccination status, will be asked to COVID test upon return to the campus, prior to move-in.
  • Free COVID-19 testing will be performed at Monty's, which is located on the upper campus. (Campus Map)
  • Testing will occur Wednesday, January 19 to Sunday, January 23
  • Please arrive for testing during your specific move-in and testing date and time on the Spring 2022 Move-In Schedule. If you need to adjust your scheduled time, you may contact the Office of Residence Life to reschedule at or 570-389-4970.
  • Students who prefer to stay at home and move in later the following week (1/24 to 1/28) should:
    1. Contact the Health Center at 570-389-4451 to schedule a COVID-19 test. You cannot move-in until COVID tested. COVID testing times are limited so please call ASAP to schedule an appointment.
    2. Contact the Office of Residence Life at or 570-389-4970 to arrange your move-in. If your COVID-19 test is negative, then move-in will be permitted.
  • If your COVID test is negative, you will be permitted to move in to your on-campus residence.

For more information on COVID testing, visit the Student Health Center web page

  • We urge all of our students to get tested at home for COVID-19 before returning to campus so that they can isolate at home if they are COVID-19 positive.
  • We will accept select home COVID testing that provide an official test result email (BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card home test (with telehealth), Vaulthealth) will be accepted at Monty’s testing. Bring the official email with you. Test needs to be performed no less than 48 hours prior to scheduled move-in. We will not accept photos of pharmacy home COVID-19 test results.
  • If you had a COVID infection within the past 3 months (90 days), please bring official medical test result documentation to move-in in order to be exempt from testing.
  • Students who test COVID-19 positive at move-in will be offered a PCR test and asked to return home to isolate.
  • PCR test result wait time is run by an outside lab and thus return time is variable.
  • Length of isolation is determined by the Health Center staff using the most up to date CDC guidelines in coordination with the BU Health Center Medical Director.
  • The Health Center will contact all COVID (+) positive students with further self-care and isolation instruction and will determine the date of your return to campus using CDC guidelines in coordination with the BU Health Center Medical Director.
  • Students who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home and seek care and advice through their local health care provider. If you are sick, please isolate and do not return to campus.
  • Although more protected from serious illness, if at any time vaccinated individuals experience COVID-19 symptoms, they should still seek testing and contact their local health care provider. Based on the new CDC guidelines, isolation and quarantine requirements will apply to you.
  • The BU campus community should be aware of the new CDC guidelines.
  • It is important to continue practicing good hand hygiene, wearing a well-fitting mask and, most importantly, to get vaccinated, including getting your booster shot.
  • With the rise of the omicron variant, BU is strongly encouraging all students to get COVID-19 booster shots as soon as possible, which, studies show, protect against severe illness and hospitalization from the omicron variant.
  • Free COVID-19 vaccination clinics will be offered monthly for all those who would like to start or finish their primary vaccination or for those who are eligible for a booster. The first free vaccine clinic will be held on Monday Jan. 31. Further info will be shared in the weekly COVID email communication.
  • We encourage all students to start their primary series COVID-19 vaccination or receive a booster, if eligible, prior to their arrival back to campus.
  • The CDC definitions of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated have changed.
    • Fully vaccinated = have received a booster or are within 5-6 months of their primary vaccination series of Pfizer and Moderna, respectively and within 2 months of J & J.
    • Unvaccinated = no vaccine or those who are eligible but have not received their booster.
  • If you are newly vaccinated or have received your booster, please upload your vaccine card in your Student Web Portal. Access the portal on the Health Center webpage. Specific instructions are located on the webpage or call the health center for assistance 570-389-4451.

Move-In To-Do's

Many of you have visited BU, perhaps for an open house, orientation or to visit a friend. On move-in day it's helpful if you are familiar with your surroundings. Often a single visit or two isn't sufficient to firmly know your surroundings. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Visit & Connect page where you can get to know our campus a little better. You can even download a campus map to help you find your way around.

Before you arrive it's important that you communicate openly and honestly with your roommate(s). When housing assignments are released you'll have access to their basic information such as name, address, phone number and email address. Don't wait for your roommate(s) to contact you. Take the initiative and get in touch with them as soon as you can and discuss all aspects of living together including establishing boundaries and creating a roommate agreement. Make sure to talk about your hometowns, interests, families and of course, what you want to do at BU.

We know social media can be a big part of student's lives and sometimes we look at people's profiles and make snap judgments about them. Treat your future roommate fairly and talk with them first. Don't allow what you might "perceive" on social media to influence your opinions.

Remember, open communication will allow you to create a mutually beneficial relationship and living environment.

Bringing items that are not allowed on-campus can be frustrating for everyone. Be sure to review the list of what to bring and what's prohibited so you don't waste valuable car space with an item that you'll have to send back home. Staff will conduct safety inspections throughout the semester and any prohibited items found will be required to be removed.

What to Bring & What Not to Bring

Campus Internet Service

In order to connect to the campus WiFi network, students must meet certain software, anti-virus and operating system requirements. Failure to meet these requirements will result in your device(s) not being allowed on the campus network. Preparing your devices prior to move-in will make connecting to the campus network very simple when you arrive. Visit Student Technology Support to learn more.

Campus Television Service

Make sure your TV meets our television service requirements.

Your Bloomsburg University identification card isn't just a photo ID, it provides many privileges while your on campus. Learn more about what your BUID can do from the University Card Center.

Think of move-in as a day-long experience. Chances are it will take quite a bit less, but it's important that you don't try to rush things. Generally the day goes smoothly, however, you should be prepared for unplanned events that might slow things down like traffic or weather conditions.

If you're first to arrive, consider waiting for your roommate(s) before you rearrange the room. It's important that the room setup be a result of all occupants of the room rather than the solely first to arrive. However, if you've talked with your roommate(s) in advance and agreed on a setup then go for it.

Move-In Questions

During move-in you will meet people from several offices on campus. Residence Life staff including Community Assistants, Graduate Hall Directors and Area Coordinators along with Orientation Leaders will be at each building to provide instructions, answer questions, and help you check-in and move your belongings into your room as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Bloomsburg University Police Department will have officers around campus to help with parking and traffic flow. Other offices will have representatives walking around campus to welcome you to the university; you may even have a chance to get a picture with everyone’s favorite husky, Roongo!

If you have a hand truck or dolly it is a good idea to bring it. Wheeled bins are available for residents to use for move-in, but they are limited in number.

Since classes are in session and student leaders who helped with move-in will be in class, taking final exams and/or getting ready for graduation, they are not available to assist with break and end-of-semester move-out. Residence Life does supply wheeled moving bins but these may not be readily available when you are ready to leave. We encourage you to bring your own hand truck or dolly to assist in move-out.

Within about a mile, you'll find major grocery stores, several national food chains and many local eateries and small businesses. A little further out, but still within five miles, you'll find major retailers, pharmacies, home improvement centers and even more local and national restaurants and businesses.

illustration of Carver Hall

Questions About Move-In?