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College of Education

College of Education

Nick Ciambrone

A foundation for success

A distant job fair journey sparked by a love for NASCAR led this recent Bloomsburg University graduate to his first full-time job, along with a solid foundation of classroom teaching forged by the College of Education.

“When you’re a teacher, you become so much more," said Ciambrone ‘15, a full-time teacher at Piedmont IB Middle School in Charlotte, N.C. "I thought to myself, I know BU has taught me well, I can do this.”

COE Contacts

Dean of College of Education
    Elizabeth K. Mauch
Assistant to the Dean
    David Vázquez-González | 570-389-2727
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
    Pamela Badolato | 570- 389-4005
Statistical Assistant
    Pat McGarry | 570-389-4007
Clerical Support
    Stacey Potora | 570-389-5017
Director of Field Experiences, Grad Programs
    Candy Ryan | 570-389-4865
Ed. Services, Certification Coordinator
    Angela McCabe | 570-389-5128

College of Education
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Through real classrooms, diverse practicums and experienced research-driven faculty, Bloomsburg University's College of Education pairs a strong teaching foundation with quality field experiences to broaden the teacher candidate’s understanding of effective classroom instruction and establish a platform for putting theory and research into practice.

Exceptionality Programs

Bloomsburg University Teacher Education

Exceptional youth pose a unique range of academic and social challenges to teachers, who in turn play a critical role in the challenged learner’s ability to integrate into the classroom. Through the College of Education's Conceptual Framework vision, the Department of Exceptionality Programs develops students into transforming educators who not only effectively manage constant change but also meet the individualized needs of their future students.

  • American Sign Language/English Interpreting
  • Deaf Education N-12 / Early Childhood PK-4 (Dual Certification)
  • Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (M.S.)
  • Special Education: K-8/Early Childhood PK-4 (Dual Certification)
  • Special Education (M.S./M.Ed.)

Teaching and Learning

Bloomsburg University Teacher Education

Teachers have an impactful role in the life of a developing child through mentoring, advocating and fostering learning. And as the child learner develops, the teacher continues to be a big influence in the classroom as a role model and support mechanism.

Through the College of Education's Conceptual Framework vision, the Department of Teaching and Learning develops students into responsible educators who provide a safe, caring and effective classroom environment for their future students. It also provides students with a strong foundation of research-proven teaching methods in specific subject and discipline areas to effectively prepare their future students for the next step of their lives.

  • Early Childhood Education (PK-4) (B.S.Ed.)
  • Middle Level Education (4-8) (B.S.Ed.)
  • Secondary Education (7-12) (B.S.Ed.)
  • Early Childhood Education (M.Ed.)
  • Middle Level Education (M.Ed.)
  • Graduate in College Student Affairs (M.Ed.)
  • Graduate in Reading (M.Ed.)
  • Curriculum and Instruction ( Certification Programs)