College of Education

College of Education

College of Education

More than 50 education majors were honored during the College of Education’s Awards Program and Research Celebration, which included a series of graduate research projects and outstanding senior awards.

Dean of College of Education
    Elizabeth K. Mauch
Interim Assistant Dean
    Angela Pang | 570-389-2727
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
    Pamela Badolato | 570- 389-4005
Statistical Assistant
    Pat McGarry | 570-389-4007
Clerical Support
    Stacey Potora | 570-389-5017
Director of Field Experiences
    Candy Trate | 570-389-4865
Ed. Services, Certification Coordinator
    Angela McCabe | 570-389-5128
COE Graduate Coordinator
    Tegan Kotarski | 570-389-3883

College of Education
3106 McCormick Center
Phone: 570-389-4005
Fax: 570-389-5049

Real schools, real classrooms and real students with all the exuberance, curiosity ... and restlessness of children. Bloomsburg University's College of Education pairs a strong teaching foundation in fundamentals with opportunities to work with children throughout your college life.

A central component of BU's teacher education programs is the provision of quality field experiences. These experiences broaden the teacher candidate’s understanding of effective classroom instruction and establish a platform for the transfer of theory and translation of research into practice.

Education Programs of Study

Early Childhood and Adolescent Education


Exceptionality Programs


Educational Studies and Secondary Education


McDowell Institute for TE-PBS