MyHusky - Student Information System

MyHusky is a comprehensive suite of software specifically designed for higher education institutions. Authorized university staff use this system to manage the entire student lifecycle in a secure environment.

Current Students, Faculty/Staff, and Applicant for Admission

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Weekly Downtimes

There are two scheduled maintenance downtimes weekly when the MyHusky system may be unavailable.

  • Friday, 12 midnight to 7 AM
  • Saturday, 12 midnight to 7 AM
  • Sunday, 12 midnight to 7 AM

Alumni Info

Alumni of Bloomsburg University are now able to obtain a login to access their MyHusky account after they leave the university. This includes students who graduated and those who otherwise did not return. You will be able to use your account to order transcripts, pay bills, retrieve copies of your 1098T tax forms and other similar activities.

Am I eligible for an MyHusky alumni account?

If you still have an active Bloomsburg University account, you are not eligible to sign up for an MyHusky alumni account. Typically your student account will remain active for 8 months after you last attended. If you attempt to activate your MyHusky alumni account and you are not eligible you will receive the following message.

alumni error myhusky

Ready to Log In?
Go to the MyHusky Alumni logon page.

When you receive this message, it most likely means that you still have an active student account which you could still use to access MyHusky. If you have forgotten your password for your student account you can go here to reset it

For those that have opted-in to keep their Office365 alumni email account, please note that this is a completely separate alumni account and the accounts do not share the same password. Whether or not you've opted-in to keep your email account, you still have to activate your MyHusky alumni account separately.

How to activate your MyHusky alumni account

To activate your MyHusky alumni account, log in and follow the instructions provided.

If you already have an authorization code that you obtained from the helpdesk or via an email message, log in to complete the activation process.

If you already activated your MyHusky alumni account but have forgotten the password, log in to reset your password.

**If you are on Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge, use a different browser**


If you have already activated your MyHusky alumni account, you should be able to logon.


MyHusky Tutorials

A student can set up guest users with their own login and password in MyHusky by logging into their MyHusky student account.  They will select Manage Guests from their dashboard and choose the access available to each user.   After a student grants access, an email is sent to both the student and to the guest user(s).  The email will detail what type of access the user has been granted.   The User ID and Password that are sent in the email can be changed the first time that they log into the system.   If a guest user has lost their password, ONLY the student can reset.  Any technical questions from guest users should be addressed to the Help Desk.


Degree Audit Report Instructions

Tutorials explaining how to produce academic advisement reports in the Academic Advisement Folder and Advisor Center.

Degree Audit Video Tutorial
Degree Audit Video Tutorial - Closed captioned for deaf/hard of hearing
Degree Audit Report in Advisor Center - Faculty Instructions for SADV Advisor Center
What if Degree Audit Report - Faculty Instructions for SWIF

E-form Tutorials

How to Enter Grades
Master Schedule Change Form – Update Cancel a Course
Master Schedule Change Form – Add a Course
Extension of Grade Of Incomplete Form
Individualized Instruction – How to submit the eForm
Independent Study – How to submit the eForm
Authorization to Add/Delete a Course from the Student Record
509 Internship Application - how to approve the 509 form
Faculty – How to submit a Petition for Exceptions
Department Chair – How to approve a request for a Major
Department Chair – How to approve a request for a Minor
Advisor/Department Chairs - How to approve a prior approval for transfer credit
Instructor - How to submit a change of grade e-form
Department Chairs/Deans - How to approve a change of grade e-form
Issuance of Grade - Incomplete Form
How to View submitted eForms via the WorkCenter

Placement Testing – Developmental Holds Tutorial

How to identify advisees with developmental holds

Adobe PDF Tutorials

Basics - General information about logging on and navigating in the PeopleSoft System.
Entering Office Hours in BOLT - PDF Document
Viewing Office Hours in BOLT - PDF Document
Class Roster Instructions
How to view Foreign Language Placement Test Scores
Transcript Requests - Tutorial explaining how to enter requests for transcripts on multiple students (up to 99), as well as how to run a batch process to produce them in hard copy or view form.

Webinar Video Clips and Guide Books

Introduction to PeopleSoft
Departmental Records and Enrollment Guide (PDF)
Enrollment Projection Report Tutorial
Faculty and Advisor Center (PDF Guide) - Terminology crosswalk, view schedules and class rosters, enter grades, view advisees and advisee information, and enroll students via quick enrollment.
How to enter, review, approve or download/print grades. (PDF Guide)

How to print MyHusky target pages

For Internet Explorer

  • Navigate to any MyHusky page
  • Right mouse click on page and select "Select All"
  • Select File -> Print Preview 4, in dropdown, select "As selected on screen" and “Shrink To Fit”

For Chrome

  • Navigate to any MyHusky page
  • Ctrl A to select all text on the page
  • Right click on the page and select print
  • Click the Print button on the next page that appears

For Firefox

Right mouse clicking on page and select "This Frame -> Print Frame"

For Safari on MacOS X

Select "Open Frame in New Window" or "Open Frame in New Tab" and print.