Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

Welcome to the Husky Family!

Welcome to Bloomsburg University and the New Student & Family Orientation Office! We are so excited to climb with you on your journey onward and upward as a Husky! To get you started on the right “paw,” we are excited to offer several one-day new student and family orientation experiences called, “H.O.W.L. Days.” H.O.W.L. stands for Husky Orientation, Welcome, & Launch! These experiences are required for new first-year students (freshmen), transfer students, and their families who have been accepted to start their BU careers in the fall of 2020.

We also offer a special orientation for adult learners and ACE students that will take place in August. For additional questions, please contact our office at 570.389.4595. See you soon!

Parents and Supporters, please join the conversation about parenting a new Husky by connecting with our private Class of 2024 Parent & Family Facebook group.


March 28 Orientation

Saturday, March 28 is our first HOWL Day! So, if you have already officially committed to Bloomsburg, please join us for your first official event as a Husky and get a head start on charting your course to the top!

We expect this event will fill quickly, but we'll be hosting additional orientation events in June and July. Invitations will be sent in early April.

Honors College Orientation

Friday, April 10 is the HOWL Day specifically for members of the Honors College. So, if you have been admitted to the Honors College, please join us for your very own orientation!

If you're a member of the BU Honors College, but cannot make it to this event, please feel free to sign up for one of our other HOWL Days in the summer!

Saturday, March 28

We're so excited to partner with you as you journey toward becoming a Husky! Here, you'll find information specifically designed to ease your transition to BU and get you started on the right "paw."

If you can't find what you need, we're here as an enthusiastic resource and support! We offer a university-wide welcome to our first time in college, transfer, non-degree scholar and adult learner students. Please feel free to contact our office!

First-Year Students
Transfer Students
Parents and Supporters
Non-Degree Scholars
Adult Learners


Meet the H.O.W.L.s

Husky Orientation and Welcome Leaders

Husky Orientation and Welcome Leaders, or H.O.W.L.s as we affectionately refer to them, are highly trained student leaders whose job is to help new students adjust to life at Bloomsburg University.. There are more than 75 spirited and talented HOWLs who will serve as your personal hosts and share their experiences, tips and strategies for success.

HOWLs range from sophomores to seniors and cover nearly every major offered at BU. They live on and off-campus and are each involved in an average of at least three other student organizations on campus. Each of the HOWLs are individually unique yet collectively united and work on making this the best transition for each student.